Business coach for therapists

Business coach for therapists

Business coach for therapists is a unique program designed specifically for medical professionals and aimed at teaching the skills of public speaking at a high level.

The participants of the trainings will receive information unique in its depth, will be able to learn how to work with medical data and clinical examples in practice, will learn how to create a presentation and back up the information provided with facts and data from registration clinical trials, will work out the techniques of public speaking.

Professional coaches. Business coaches reviews.

A psychologist-coach (coach-psychologist) is a specialist who finds a person’s professional strengths, helps to reveal them and achieve success in the field of professional activity that best suits him. He advises and trains clients, helps with solving existing problems with the help of special techniques, allows you to achieve the best results in any field. The psychologist makes it clear what exactly a person wants, and then helps to achieve what he wants.

A coach psychologist has quite a lot of career development options. He can get a job in a company offering coaching services, in the HR department of a large organization. The most promising option is private practice. It helps to increase income, establish a convenient work schedule. But before opening your own business, you need to create a good reputation.

This course will allow you to master the specialty “Psychologist coach”. And get all the knowledge and skills necessary for successful activity:

  • Fundamentals of psychology;
  • Social psychology;
  • Definition and types of counseling;
  • Features of psychological counseling. Differences from training and psychotherapy;
  • Advisory contact;
  • Active listening techniques;
  • Consulting technology;
  • Ethics of counseling;
  • Methods of influence in psychological counseling;
  • Features of business communication;
  • Psychology of business;
  • The main requests of the business psychologist’s clients;
  • Consulting managers;
  • Consulting managers, continued;
  • Coaching technologies in business consulting;
  • Approach to working with values in management consulting;
  • Approach to working with values in management consulting;
  • The history of coaching. Basic concepts;
  • Types of coaching interaction;
  • Coaching formats;
  • Personal qualities of a coach. Types of clients;
  • Basic principles of coaching;
  • Structure of the coaching session;
  • Business coaching. Team coaching