Management Consulting

Management Consulting – A professional service or method that provides practical advice and assistance to improve management practices (used in the US) FEACO – Federation of European Consultants Associations: Management Consulting is the provision of independent advice and assistance on management issues, including the identification and evaluation of opportunities, recommendations appropriate measures and assistance in their implementation.

Management consulting Conceptual aspects of management consulting: purpose, objectives, methods, types, effectiveness and efficiency top management consulting firms.

Concept of management consulting

Currently, two views on the nature of management consulting prevail, defining its concept in functional and professional terms. According to the functional approach: management consulting is any form of assistance in making management decisions, in which the consultant is not directly or indirectly responsible for their direct implementation, but helps the managers who are responsible for their implementation. This approach focuses on the subject of counseling. At the same time, disregarding the competence and competencies of the consultant himself. The second approach considers consulting as a special kind of professional activity. Management consulting is the provision of consulting services on a contract or contract basis to commercial and non-profit organizations by qualified individuals who may act individually or as part of a consulting firm. This approach defines the purpose of management consulting: identifying management problems, analyzing them and developing recommendations for overcoming or eliminating them.

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Essence and principles of management consulting

In the years of a difficult economic situation, the owners and managers of companies are faced with the task of ensuring stable development for the business. Management consulting is a set of activities aimed at solving this problem. This service is focused on improving the efficiency of the company, as well as identifying and eliminating external and internal factors that impede this. Within the framework of this goal, management consulting solves the following tasks:

  • improving the quality of work of the management structures of the organization;
  • correlation of the interests of the company and society in order to find common ground;
  • development of new management techniques in the company;
  • assistance to the client in making decisions in situations of changing external conditions and / or the internal state of the company;
  • assistance in developing strategies and tactics for further business development.